You’ll love the way we think!

We approach the development of school group travel itineraries a little differently from many other travel agencies. Here’s a few things that make us stand out:



If there’s no charge to us there’s no charge to you.

The little things matter to us. Here’s an example - if we organise a bus to get you from one location to another and the bus fee includes a driver, we won’t charge you extra for a driver just because we think we can slip in an additional charge.


Happy students all the way

We want the kids to have fun and enjoy their incredible adventure. Our creative itineraries give them the best experience possible for your travel budget and while that might not stretch to 5-star hotel, all accommodation options are clean, hygienic and safe. No backpackers accommodation here, no matter what your budget!


Safe, all-inclusive travels

Keeping your school group safe means planning everything down to the smallest detail and ensuring every parent has a copy of the itinerary. We don’t leave things to chance and we don’t leave it up to you to find you way from A to B. Unless you specifically request otherwise, our itineraries include breakfast and dinner each day, so there’s no need for parents to fork out loads of extra spending money.


Creating the right itinerary for you

No matter how clear or vague your trip requirements are, we’ll talk through what you want to achieve and then create an itinerary that ticks all the boxes.


Expert Advice

Want to know how you can manage that sports trip to Japan or that small cultural trip to Italy? Cara is here to help you with expert advice and pull it all together for you.


We have no overheads

No overheads means lower prices because we don’t have the same running expenses as retail travel agencies.


We're backed by MTA Travel

MTA Travel is a foundation member of the AFTA Travel Accreditation Scheme and they provide a Zero Flight Risk guarantee - so if any travel intermediary or end supplier becomes insolvent, your funds are reimbursed.


Prices are guaranteed

Once your deposit is paid, the price is locked in and will only change if you want to add something extra. If you’re travelling internationally, your itinerary price may be affected by exchange rate fluctuations, but we keep a close watch on these for you.


We go the extra mile

Organising school group travel requires an eye for detail and an absolute understanding of the needs and desires of parents, teachers and kids. We always go the extra mile, looking for alternatives that give a little bit more to your experience.