Time to soak up on some culture!

From art and literature to music, museums and more, Britain has an amazing array of cultural attractions and destinations.

Britain’s museums archive the treasures of the world, while its galleries are home to masterpieces old and new.

Visit London, one of the world’s most visited cities, England’s buzzing capital has so much to offer, from magnificent history and culture to cutting-edge fashion and food.  Did you know? There are more than 230 theatres in London. Watch a musical in the West End or head to the Globe Theatre to see Shakespeare’s plays performed as they would have been in Tudor times.

With Britain’s long and exciting history, it’s no surprise that there are amazing landmarks scattered all across the nation. Whether you’re looking to visit crumbling ruins, historic houses, stunning castles, the Stonehenge, cathedrals and more, there’s plenty of landmark destinations to visit when you’re in the UK.

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