Cara Campbell is the dynamic pocket rocket behind CC School Groups.

She’s a mum herself and she’s passionate about keeping kids safe on their travels. That’s why she always goes the extra mile for school groups, and with 20 years travel industry experience behind her she knows a thing or to about securing a great deal.

Cara understands that school trips need to include a teacher or two to supervise the kids and she always does her absolute best to get some or all of their travel and accommodation costs included at no extra cost. Of course it all depends on the number of students travelling, but if it’s possible, you can count on Cara to make it happen!

One of the skills that Cara brings to group travel is her experience with Foreign Exchange. Even though your price is guaranteed once the schedule is confirmed, any international travel is still exposed to exchange rate fluctuations. She keeps a close eye on the trends and let’s you know if she thinks the exchange rate is making a noticeable impact to the Australian dollar price you’ll ultimately pay.